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Each new industry is a challenge, experience, accomplishment.

UPC slovensko

UPC / Liberty Global


Cord Blood Center

Cord Blood Center

Health / Biotechnology



Education / Development of young people

Eurocord Slovakia

Eurocord Slovakia

Health / Biotechnology

RF elements

RF elements




Architecture / Interior Design


Telegraf Média

Online and printed newspapers

Times Media

Times Média

Marketing and Advertising

Certification, education, and fun

We must constantly work on ourselves. This also applies to online marketing
which is advancing rapidly and offers more and more opportunities.

Google Adwords Certificate

AdWords Certificate


Draw customers attention to you at the exact moment when they are searching on Google for what you offer, or you want them to return to your website / call you back. Pay only when they click on your ad.

Google Analytics Certificate

Analytics Certificate


Google Analytics allows you not only to measure the sales, it also provides realtime information about user behavior, different access road, ways how to bring them back again and make them do what you want.

Google Shopping Advertising Certificate

Shopping Advertising Certification


Shopping ads allow you to include an image, title, price, promotional message, a name of your store/business... without having to create a unique ad for each product you sell. It's used especially by e-commerce with a large portfolio of products and automated processes. It's a great way how to do remarketing (show products which potential customers have seen or didn't finish order process).

YouTube video ads certificate

Video Advertising Certificate


Ads can benefit from hundreds of millions of views on YouTube in various formats (video, image, text...), various positions as well as specific content categories (Science, Medicine, Fashion ...). It's suitable especially for brand marketing, or "awareness" for your potential clients.

Google Adword Mobile Certificate

AdWords Mobile Advertising certification


Mobile devices allow you to drive downloads of your new application, increase number of calls, attract people who just go around your office, restaurants, shops...

Bing Ads Certificate

Bing Ads Certificate


Like with AdWords, we can use it to draw customer's attention to you in Bing and Yahoo! pages and network. It is indeed a smaller target group, which is certainly an effective complement alongside AdWords (Google).

Introduction to Marketing Certificate

An Introduction to Marketing

The Wharton School of Pennsylvania

Branding strategies (e.g., brand positioning, brand communications), customer-centric marketing strategy, and new market entry (e.g., channel strategy, marketing planning).

facebook ads logo

Experience with Facebook advertising


Facebook knows about us everything and that we can use for effective ad targeting. Based on your current customers find new potential clients which have same interests and target your ads to them. It's just great.

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